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Nérac, capitale of Albret

The important Nerac historical past is everywhere in town. A stroll through its streets, rides aboard Baise, sites or monuments is undoubtedly a walk in the heart of history. Residence of Henri IV in his teens and capital of the Albret family until the coming of Prince Henry to the throne of France, Nerac keep from this rich history and this prosperous period many traces:

  • The archaeological museum in the wing of the renaissance castle,
  • The royal park la Garenne, the baths of the King, fountains
  • The old houses half-timbered
  • The old bridge,
  • The St Nicolas Church
  • The gallery tanneries

Discover this magnificent heritage from our campsite at Nerac during a stroll along the River Baise, or dreaming time for a walk by barge …

The Albret: The French Tuscany

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To the Landes and Gers, the land of country houses, we invite you to a wonderful trip back in time : medieval castles, Renaissance castles and manors, fortified mills, Romanesque churches, Roman relics, dovecots …. all invitations to the ride.
The Albret is also a gourmet country, discover all the facets of our region with the seasons. Our producers will share during your stay the typical regional specialties:

  • The duck in all its forms duck confit, foie gras
  • Armagnac, Floc de Gasconge,
  • AOC wines of Buzet, the Mézinais and Côtes de Gascogne

Traditions and quality of life … for you to discover!

Mezin : Medieval city and cork capital

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At 3 km from our campsite, discover this old medieval city and capital of the cork to the middle of the twentieth century.
From the place Armand Fallières with its southwest typical arcades , start your visit by discovering its narrow winding streets, its old half-timbered houses, the fortified church of St John the Baptist and the museum of the cork, witness a great industrial adventure from operations of the cork.

A visit in Albret

  • Nerac : Henri IV Castle and its archaeological museum, royal park of La Garenne, St Nicolas church …
  • Mezin : medieval village, church of St Jean le Baptiste, the Cork Museum
  • Barbaste : Mill of the Towers and oomanesque bridge
  • Vianne : fortified Bastide
  • Buzet : Caves AOC Buzet
  • Moncrabeau : village tour and circuit of liars
  • Many marked discovery tours

But Albret provides also a lot of FUN ACTIVITIES around water, nature and heritage