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Sustainable Development


The campsite is committed to saving energy and protecting the environment (hot water system based on solar panels, pool heated by heat pump, water-saving devices on taps, use of bio-degradable cleaning products, landscaping that respects the bio-diversity of trees and bushes, sewage treatment plant with reed-beds, etc.) in order to reduce our environmental footprint as far as possible.

Remember to sort your waste!

The campsite has set up a sorting system, with separate bins for bottles, papers and plastic, near the entrance. All bins for household waste are on your right as you leave the campsite.
Our team and our facilities are respectful of the environment. That’s why we ask our visiting friends to take a responsible ecological approach for the duration of their stay. By practicing selective sorting, you give a second life to your waste and reduce the impact of your consumption on the environment. You also help to slow down the depletion of raw materials, resources that are unfortunately not inexhaustible and that it is necessary to administer intelligently.

Separation of waste is a crucial step in recycling. If not done properly, many wastes can not be recycled and are deprived of a second life.

Important: Batteries, medications, electrical and electronic devices, clothing and dangerous objects must be placed in special places.

If you have questions about sorting (what waste in which container, nearest waste …), go to the reception. We will help you sort your waste and make a gesture for the planet.

Water is a precious resource, don’t waste it!

  • For washing up and showers, don’t let the water run more than you need to.Washing vehicles is prohibited.
  • Don’t throw anything down the toilets.
  • Remember to turn out the lights in public washrooms and rented accommodation.
  • Please report any malfunction rapidly, especially leaking water pipes.
  • Use bikes as much as possible, especially for short trips.
  • Avoid damaging planted areas.

Thank you for your help!

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