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Piscine naturiste Lac de Lislebonne familial convivial

1. What is a naturist campsite?

 A naturist campsite is a place where you can camp, sunbathe and live in harmony with nature while being as naked as a worm. It's like ordinary camping, but with less clothing and more smiles.

 2. Do I have to be naked all the time on a naturist campsite?

 No, you don't have to be naked all the time, but it's strongly encouraged. It's like visiting a water park and not getting in the water - it doesn't make much sense!

 3. Are there any dress code rules?

 Yes, the golden rule is: "Nudity when possible, clothes when necessary." You can always put on a t-shirt to protect yourself from the scorching sun or when the temperature drops.

 4. What should I pack for a stay at a naturist campsite?

 As well as the basics, don't forget to bring a towel - naturists never sit directly on a chair or deckchair, it's a question of hygiene. And don't forget to bring your sense of humour and open-mindedness.

 5. Are there any specific rules of conduct to follow?

 Of course there are! Be respectful of other campers, don't take photos without permission, and avoid inappropriate behaviour. You know, the good old rules of politeness!

 6. How can I prepare for my first naturist experience?

 Research the place you are planning to visit, respect the specific rules and standards, and be prepared to respect the nudity of others and adopt a respectful attitude towards everyone.

 7. How can I explain to my friends that I've been on a naturist holiday without looking like an eccentric?

 Simply use humour! Tell them that you've been "close to nature", that you've been "sunbathing without a trace of bikini line", or that you've experienced a "trip under the stars (and the sun)". After all, it's humour that makes the naked life lighter!

 8. What makes a naturist campsite so special?

 The relaxed atmosphere, the connection with nature, the body tolerance, and of course, the all-over tan. It's like going back to basics, but with a healthy dose of sunshine and humour!

 9. Does everyone have a perfect body on a naturist campsite?

 Absolutely not! Naturist campsites are places where people of all shapes and sizes are welcome. Nobody cares about your imperfections, so leave your worries behind and relax.

 10. What is the most important rule at a naturist campsite?

 The most important rule is to respect others. Always be respectful and considerate of your fellow campers, whether they are clothed or not. Nudity is great, but respect is even better!